a loving wife, dedicated mother, full-time career woman, flourishing entrepreneur and voice of reason to many! In a world full of super-sheroes, I struggled with finding my place. Just like many, I was passionate about many things and often allowed fear or the shortage of resources to dictate my progress (or lack thereof). In October 2016, while juggling a plethora of roles along with pursuing my graduate degree I gave fear and doubt a back seat by launching Her Majesty Body and Soul. Her Majesty Body and Soul gave me a newfound appreciation for entrepreneurship. With the help of loyal customers, my biggest supporter - my amazing husband and the little helping hands of "The Sawyer Kids" (@sawyerkids) - the business has been a great success! It brings me great joy to provide a product that positively impacts the health of other people. Visit How in The Heath Did That Happen to see an informative feature and learn more about the benefits of my products.

My friends and family have all been very encouraging and regularly express their gratitude for my transparency, support and on-time advice. I begin to think about my journey and how I have overcome so much adversity, embraced self-awareness, motivated others and pursued life with grit. This self-reflection lead to the birth my brand Shavon Antoinette and my lifestyle blog that shares real life experiences that seek to inspire others.

This is just the beginning; I am currently working on an E-Book and exploring other entrepreneurial opportunities. Follow my social media handles to stay tuned for the latest updates. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page and don't forget to share a word or two in the comment section!