3 Reasons I started a Lifestyle Blog

Hey y’all!! I want to welcome you all to my new website, Shavon Antoinette! I recently launched my blog, Candidly She, Candidly Me. I bet you’re wondering, “Why a blog??” I’ll tell you why! Firstly, I absolutely love giving my two cents! LOL...I’m sure there’s nothing you can talk about, that I can’t engage in. I love engaging in diverse conversations. Now, I get to bring others on my journey of blogging and balancing the many roles that I play. This is something I’ve truly wanted to do for a while now. In the past, I would always talk myself out of it or stick with the excuse that I didn’t have the time. However, I am a firm believer in the old saying, “You make time for what you want!”. So here I am, putting a stop sign in life so that I am able to do what I have always dreamed of doing. This is just the beginning of my journey to bring into fruition the many things I once dreamed of doing. I am delighted that YOU are taking this journey with me!

Secondly, my husband and kids pretty much are the center of my world; I’m excited that they’ll be involved in this brand I’ve created. We, as women tend to get bogged down with day to day life and just sometimes forget about ourselves. This will be my outlet to share some ways to remedy life. WE deserve our full attention. Our spouses, our kids, the job, all deserve a respected amount of attention aside from the time we make for ourselves. Let’s make some changes together!

Lastly, who doesn’t love a great support group?!? This lifestyle blog brings to the forefront real life issues and hunny I am here to help! Saying this is my calling would be an understatement, as I know it truly is. If I can’t help, I promise I’ll point you in the right direction. You need a good book? I got you! Looking for a hairstylist? I know of plenty! Looking for a place to take the kids? I’ve gone a few places! I’m here to support you in all areas of life. I’m here to help based off of my own life experiences: Honest, Trustworthy, Truthful, Heart-wrenching, Funny, Experiences.

This is my way of sifting through every part of life, looking for a balance. I know I’m not the only one. A lot of us are just going through life making it happen for everyone else and now it’s time for us to make it happen for ourselves!! After all, if you won't do it, then who will?

Now, if you’re ready to join me and find that balance subscribe to my email listing to be notified of all things Shavon Antoinette!!!

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