A Mother’s Love 💖

It’s that time of the year again. The time where we celebrate mothers worldwide. I am grateful for my ability to bear children because so many women today are unable to. They go through so many different things to bring a child into this world and even then, the processes fail them. I pray extra hard for these women, as for most of them feel as if they are less than. Less than the next woman who has been able to birth a child, less than because they can’t give their mate something they want. They feel as if they are not a mother. If this is you, let me tell you one thing. Birthing the child doesn’t make you a mother. Nevertheless, I am grateful for I know I may have taken bearing children for granted.

Recently I had someone close to me share her sadness about not being a mother. And although she bears no kids of her own, I can truly say that she is a mother to many! All of us who look up to her. A MOTHER. All of our kids whom she never misses their birthday and sends “a little something” as she likes to call it. A MOTHER. All the advice she gives to not only those close to her but those far and wide. A MOTHER. The many kids she helps day in and day out because only a person of her character would have such a job. A MOTHER. These are the little things that entail being a mother; the little things that mothers don’t get enough credit for. If you or someone you know is unable to bear children, and you know they are a mother, please let them know. It'll brighten their day during such a difficult holiday.

For those that have lost their mothers, my heart goes out to them. I am them. My mother died when I was two years old. I don’t remember her at all and I wish I did. I wish I knew what it felt like for her to hold me. I wish I knew what her voice sounded like. I wish I had just a few more years so that I could never forget. This is where I always said losing my mother at such a young age was a gift and a curse. It was a gift because I never have to go through remembering the loss of a mother. The curse is in never remembering her. I know she loved me though. That I know for sure.

As a mother, I sit back and reflect on being a mother. Sometimes I am so hard on myself as far as “mothering” goes. And then I sit back and say, “You got this. You love your kids and you would do anything for them. They love you and all the mistakes you think you’re making.” Continue doing the best you can. And if only for this day, allow yourself to be celebrated!!!

Today and every day I want to send a special Happy Mother's Day to my aunts who held it down for my mother, my grandmothers, aunts, in-laws, cousins, other family and friends!! You all are BOMB mothers and I am grateful to have you all in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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