Ayesha Curry Said WHAT???

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This week I decided to tap a little into this Ayesha Curry thing. I swear, Red Table Talk sure knows how to get people talking!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’ve probably been living under a rock, This has been the talk of social media for the last week for sure. Ayesha said some words that SHOOK THE INTERNET, and I still don’t understand what the big deal is. Everyone knows, even if just from the outside looking in, that Ayesha LOOOOOOOVES herself some Steph Curry!!! They've been together since their teenage years and are now married with three children.

On the new episode of Red Table Talk, The “Curry’s” were invited to share some of their experiences being married to famous NBA players. Red Table Talk is a web-based talk show where Jada Pinkett-Smith, her daughter Willow Smith, and her mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris invite people into their home to sit at the “red table” and discuss a variety of topics. This episode, the ladies take their red table to the home of the original Curry’s and have a sit down with Ayesha Curry, along with Steph's mom, sister, and future sister-in-law.

Honestly, most of the episodes are really good and enlightening and this one was no different. The ladies were asked numerous questions and all gave honest and transparent answers. I’m sure they considered themselves to be in a safe space among women they trust and gave an insight on how they feel as women married to these famous ball players.

So here’s the “issue”. (I use the word extremely loosely and sarcastically.) Ayesha, in an extremely transparent moment, stated that while her husband gets all this attention from women. Yet in her last 10 years, as a mom of three and not only a wife, but Steph Curry's wife, she isn't flocked upon. She just wants to know she still got it, basically. The women on the show were quick to let her know that she’s probably not paying attention, her radar is probably off, and that she’s beautiful. Her stating her insecurity was no different from all of the ladies stating their opinions on everything else for me. I got exactly what she meant by the statement and it didn’t phase me at all. She spoke on her insecurities and honestly I commend her for being able to speak freely. However, this one statement had social media in an uproar. I was trying to really understand where all the hoopla was coming from. There were a lot of people who understood her stance on her insecurity but there were even more that felt she was wrong for saying such a thing. There were also some people who agree with her, yet feel she shouldn’t have made the statement in public. Guess what?! It was an episode she knew would be aired worldwide and viewed millions of times and still felt comfortable enough to say it. HOW BIG IS THAT!!! It says a lot about the type of relationship she has with her husband because who wants to be in a relationship where they’d be ridiculed for stating how they feel, even if it just so happened to be in public? She didn't say she wanted to date another man or that she was going to leave her husband. She said she had an insecurity based on attention ya'll. My goodness!

My husband and I talked it out and realized we both agree with each other in saying that AYESHA’S statement was ok!! I’ve heard other men say that too! Like who are we to say that she was wrong for stating her opinion on HER FEELINGS!!!!!! If someone hasn't come up to you while in a committed relationship, marriage, or whatever, and you turned them down of course, but left with the feeling like, I STILL GOT IT, then you're probably lying. 😊 That's all she was saying. And I swear every person who felt she was wrong has probably felt the same way whether married or in a relationship or had other insecurities. I think just because she’s married to Steph Curry, people made a HUGE deal out of something that could have been stated and moved on from. It would be too much like right for people to allow her to voice her opinion and not judge her for it. *PEOPLE KILL ME WITH THEIR JUDGING AND BE THE ONES WHO HAVE THE MOST **** FOR PEOPLE TO JUDGE UGH!!*

She said what she said. If people want to say she’s wrong, that’s them. As a woman, I totally understand her statement and I don’t feel there was anything wrong with it. A lot of people, men and women, agree with her. Everyone has insecurities or has had insecurities, big or small, at some point in life. Would you want people to discuss your insecurities and say how wrong you are for talking about them?? Some of ya'll would go into hiding if it was you I’m sure.

The thing about opinions….every one has one. Even if you don’t agree with the next person, who’s to say you’re right or wrong. I always try to look at situations from both sides of the spectrum so that I can get a better understanding. People so stuck on her being wrong that they can’t even humanize her feelings. This is America.

Anyway, I just felt the need to state my opinion of agreement.

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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