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Shavon Antoinette is doing a giveaway for middle school and high school girls. One lucky girl will receive a free “There’s More Room” Tee. This shirt has so much meaning behind it. This shirt is meant to be uplifting. If we show our younger generation that there’s more room in the world for them, who knows where it will take them. These children make the difference between them and someone else, they just have to believe it. We have future lawyers, doctors, leaders in their community, and entrepreneurs right now sitting in these schools needing a positive influence in their life. Let’s all do what it takes to make sure they all grow up to be all they can be!

“Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.” How many of us have sung this song recently??? I know there have been times when I did, but I’m not sure if I really wish I was a kid again. Adulting can be stressful as hell though! LOL...Can I just be an adult minus the bills? I think I’ll settle for that! Honestly, when I was a kid, life wasn’t all that great for me. And I am just one of many people who could possibly say the same thing. God has a way of bringing you out of the worse situations though, and for that, I am grateful. I am grateful that I had some strong people around me during those years, especially in middle and high school. I had some of the best teachers. I always said I was supposed to turn much differently. However, because of them and others, I am who I am.

I believe that God has been the echo in my head that keeps repeating middle school and high school girls. They need me and I am here to serve them. I remember being in middle school and high school. It was tough for me because although I may have appeared to be happy, I wasn’t. My happiest days were at school, even when there was school friend “drama”. I will never forget the time I cried the whole way back to school after a high school game not even wanting to go home. I was a cheerleader and I had two friends who just held me as I cried. Life at home was honestly less than favorable and I was broken. Thankfully I had them to lean on, and I am happy to say we are all still good friends!

Middle school and high school can be detrimental years for our youth and if we as adults don't step in for those in need, students will continue down those paths of destruction. Both men and women have to step in now! Not everyone is coming from a loving home. Not everyone has people around that would pour positivity into them. More often than not, there are more kids going to school to get a break from what they are going through at home, than those who are not. And don't think they all look homely. The ones that are going through things will more than likely appear well put together on the outside just as those adults do. You’ll have some that show the relative signs of depression and those are the ones are easily identified. Then there are some that you won't be able to quickly choose from the crowd. They smile and laugh with their friends, they make good grades, and they seem popular. These are some of things that make it harder to identify these students. That’s why we have to step in and be there for them all. You’ll never know what changes you can make in their lives if you stay on the outside.

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Giveaway ends Feb 18th at 11:59PMEST and the winner will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram story at 12:00PM EST Feb 19th. The winner will be contacted with additional information. Please remember, this giveaway is to uplift teen girls (middle and high school aged) so please only submit if you are a teen girl or have a teen girl.

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I wish I had more pics handy from middle school and high school...I didn't have a cell phone until 8th grade and it didn't have a camera!!! LOL

Until Next Time, Peace and Love :)

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