Becoming: 32

Happy Spring!!!! Well, I don’t know if it’s that happy. This pollen is already insane. We are welcoming Spring with lots of allergy medicines for the kids. I am definitely enjoying the sunny and warm days though. As we close the month of March, I would like to take some time to express my gratitude for all the love I received on my birthday. I specifically named this year “Becoming: 32.” I took some time to enjoy my birthday month and now I’m back. The years continue to fly by, but this year I plan to be more present in each day. So, for me, celebrating my birthday this year was a very special treat. I had so much fun! It was just as simple as I needed it to be. All I really wanted to do was relax and do nothing!! I just wanted life to be still while I celebrated me. I am so glad to have been able to do just that. I also spent a little extra time reading up on my horoscope as my birthday was approaching. I love horoscopes and trying to determine what they mean in regards to the people that are around me. It tells me a lot about other people. That’s a blog for another day though! :)...Nevertheless, here’s what my birthday entailed.

I kicked off my birthday weekend with a back facial at The Honeycomb Cottage and I really enjoyed it. Have you had a back facial before? Their back facials include a deep cleansing treatment, an exfoliation treatment, a masque, and a massage. The scrub that was used for exfoliation smelled absolutely amazing. I was ready to purchase it and of course, it was sold out. I wasn’t surprised at all. The back facial also included other mini-massages that were perfect and exactly what I needed. Who knew hand massages were so relaxing?? I’m pretty sure I dozed off a time or two. :) From there, I had lunch from Cowboy Chicken in McDonough, GA. It was some of the best rotisserie chicken I’ve ever had!! If you haven’t tried it, please do yourself the favor!!!

On Saturday my husband and I decided to have chill time with one of our friend couples at a place called Whiskey Mistress. Not sure where they got the name, but I loved the vibe. If you haven’t been and you like a good time minus being at the club, go there!! They were extremely nice to me and sat us immediately after they found out it was my birthday. I got constant birthday shoutouts by the DJ and they even gave me a birthday cupcake!!! The DJ played all my jams! YES, I SAID JAMS!!! LOL :) I had such a great time. So great that I missed church the next morning. I woke up at the same time I always do but missed church because time had sprung forward. :( Why do we have to endure the time change twice a year?? I would be all for getting rid of time springing forward and falling back. Just let it stay the same year round. OK Back to my birthday recap.

Sunday’s brunch was at Atlanta Breakfast Club. The food was absolutely amazing!! Around the table, we ordered pancakes, peach cobbler french toast, salmon croquettes, and breakfast plates with the usual eggs, bacon, and grits. I have visited this place once before thanks to the Morning Rush crew of 11Alive. They were giving out free breakfast tacos and Chicken and waffles the day we went and I ordered some grits as a side. Those grits were so good!!! I love grits and I must say they have some of the best!! So I had to order some when I went back for my birthday. The peach cobbler french toast was amazing!! But the best thing to me was what I ordered for my husband, the salmon croquettes. You see, my husband is the type that orders something that I want if I happen to want more than one thing from the menu. I wanted the peach cobbler french toast AND the salmon croquettes. So this way, I was able to have them both. What I did not expect was to like his food as much as I liked mine. I literally wanted BOTH plates all to myself. So in true wife fashion, I asked my husband to just trade plates. I finished his plate and he finished mine. Next up, birthday cake. This year, my cake was from Sweets By Mikkos & More. He baked one of his infamous Strawberry Cheesecake cakes...Needless to say, I was sharing with the staff at Atlanta Breakfast Club too because everyone wanted a piece!!! Everything was so delicious and I was still so exhausted from the night before, I went home and slept until the night!!

I hope you felt the emotions throughout the details given. Everything I did was exactly what I wanted and needed. If you’re in the Atlanta area, check out some of the places mentioned and let me know what you think. Becoming: 32 has been a ride and I can't wait to see what this year brings! Cheers to many more!!!

Until Next Time, Peace and Love :)

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