Black Mothers Matter: Blog Feature with How In the Health's Creator Edwina Price

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has been well in these crazy times. I have been trying to manage instantly becoming a stay at home mom who works full time from home and also teaches Kindergarten and 4th grade. Yep, you can pretty much call me superwoman!! That's another blog for another day (real soon!!).

Today I wanted to share a blog I was featured on about Maternal Health. If you haven't gone through something during your pregnancy, I'm sure you know someone who has whether they've shared their story or not. It is all too common amongst black mothers. This is an informational blog in which you too can become familiar with all the issues we as black women face when wanting to bring a precious life into this world. Click here to read our stories and get more information on Black Maternal Health.

Feel free to share your stories in the comments. My story may help you and your story may help the next mother.

Until Next Time,

Peace ✌ and Love ❤


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