What Breast Cancer Awareness Month Means To Me

As the month of October kicks off, I can't help but to sit back and think about how this year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month means so much more to me. Every October, I’ve made it my business just to stop a second and acknowledge the fact that so many of our family members are dealing with breast cancer. They wake up every day and press forth as if they are able to live the regular lives we live, all along while hurting and feeling extremely sick. The strength they show is undeniable. They go through chemo and radiation with no complaints. If they are complaining, you’d have to be someone that is there every day because to everyone else, they show this supernatural strength and appear to be a supernatural human being. They get up and cook while barely having an appetite to eat and they go to work while barely able to stomach the day. They are superheroes to so many people around them.

Has anyone else felt like this kind of news can’t happen to them or their family? This was me. I went day by day knowing it can happen but never expecting it to. When I found out a close member of my family was diagnosed with breast cancer, I almost didn’t know what to think. I continued my day as if I wasn’t affected. I was in a state of shock. I’m not good at showing my emotions when it comes to my family, but as I write this and describe her to the T, the feelings are definitely there. I wish I could take the pain away. I wish things could have been different for her. The chemo, the radiation, the toll it has all taken on her, I wish I could wash it all away. The way she goes on day by day leaves me breathless. Most days, if I have a slight cold, I’m calling out of work. But she continues to go to work on most days when she’s feeling so bad. She gathers her strength to go to her school and teach in a class that most people deem “difficult” without a second thought. This is second nature for her. She’s done for people her entire life.

As we go throughout the month of October, take a moment to celebrate those that have won the fight, both on earth and in heaven. Do something a little special for those in your lives that are still battling with everything in them. Be sure to let them know you are standing on the front line with them.

If anyone is out there going through their fight of breast cancer, I wish to have as much strength as you. For those who have gone on to WIN their fight, I salute you, for I know it was not easy. For the brave survivors, I pray continued blessings over the tests results you'll take to follow. If someone in your family is fighting or has won their ultimate fight, I send hugs your way. Let's celebrate them all.

Now, for those of us that are lucky enough to not have gone through breast cancer, let’s be sure that we are educating ourselves. Get the yearly mammograms. Do the self-checks. Make yourself aware of all the information and help there is out there. “Breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point. The good news is that most women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early.” (healthfinder.gov) Let’s stand in the gap and make sure that we are all being proactive in the fight against breast cancer.

To my dearest...Thank you for being a warrior like no other!

Until next time, Peace and Love :)

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