Cheers To A New Year-Social Media Fasting

Wow! A new year amongst us. A new year to reflect and review and do everything we said we couldn’t do and everything it is we want to. A new year to be exactly who it is we ought to be and nothing of who others expect us to be. In the words of the great Nipsey Hussle, “You can’t put your expectations of me on me.” 😉 Don’t allow others to dictate your life. Become responsible enough to choose your life’s next moves carefully and courageously. Allow no one to be the reason for your disappointments.

This year, I’ve taken some much needed time away from social media. And honestly, I had to give myself a few more days after hearing of the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the others who died so tragically. Social media, as well as the internet in general, has a way of playing on my emotions. I’m still not over Nipsey’s death. Anyway, I needed the extra time to allow everyone else to process their emotions via social media. RIP to them all and prayers for their families.

So as most of you may have seen, I posted my 21 Day Unplugged picture on all social media outlets (the few that I use). The church I attend started a 21 Day Prayer Fast that I decided to participate in. With that, I decided to give up something. I should have probably given up sweets but hey, I have to start somewhere. So, social media had to go. I learned that giving up some things can bring on some beautiful changes. Within those last 21 days, I worked out every day Monday-Friday. I know that may not mean much to you, but it means everything to me. You know why? Because I get up EARLY BEFORE WORK (yes me) and workout before we get the kids up. I’ve always looked at this as something I could never do. However, I’ve pressed through. I’ve gotten used to waking up early for my workouts now and plan to continue. I’m now on week 5 of the year. Thank God for that. It was nobody but him who could continuously get me out of bed, into workout clothes, in front of my tv to workout for at least 30 mins each day. Nobody but him! I actually have grown to enjoy the morning workouts while the house is quiet and everyone is still sleeping. I did have a quick workout buddy some days. Kason loves working out and would join me if he woke up before I finished. 😊

Thanks to being unplugged, I’ve done more reading, brain exercises, and focused on my health more. It’s crazy how much time we lose scrolling through social media keeping tabs on what everybody else is doing. And I don’t mean getting on to specifically see what someone is up to (although I know some of yall be on your investigative kick), but you know, just scrolling because it’s there to do. Although I’ve gotten back on, I have limited it for sure. I honestly entertained the idea of never getting back on. I won’t hold myself to that though. But let’s be honest. I mean, there are so many other things to do. Even it’s just to enjoy the day, today. Tomorrow is never promised and I would hate for my last moments or yours to be of hours spent on social media.

As I go through this new year, these next few months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, I intend on being forever grateful. I know just to go to bed and wake up the next day in itself is indeed a blessing. To be in my right mind, good health, spending each and every opportunity with my family whom I love with all of my soul is a blessing. To be able to do for myself, move and shake as I want is a blessing. I pray that each and every one of you and myself, know just how precious life is.

Alright now. It’s the Monday after Super Bowl so I won’t keep you. SN: Shoutout to the Chiefs for that win. Now go on!! Dream the biggest dreams, and go after them.

Love yall! 💖 Thank you for continuously rocking with me!!

Until Next Time,

Peace ✌ and Love ❤


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