Cheers to the New Year | No Resolution For Me Sis

"As this New Year approaches, find inspiration around you and motivation within you, to be all that you can be." –Kate Summers

Happy New Year!!! NO I”M NOT SETTING NO DAGGONE RESOLUTIONS. Instead, I choose to write out things I want to manifest into the new year and goals I want to achieve. Last year was a year of reflection for me. My hands were forced, my relationships were tested, yet I was blooming! I am excited to get the year started off and can envision my wildest dreams coming true. As this new year begins, I breathe in a breath of fresh air. I am reminded that today and every new day brings forth new opportunities to chase our wildest dreams. I have this strong sense of everything working out for my greater good; I feel this for everyone around me. I am so excited to see what this year brings even while having NO IDEA of what the future holds. I stand in agreement with you all that this is your BEST YEAR YET, and mine too! :) (Let’s all touch and agree in Jesus name, AMEN). I am sending positive vibes your way for sure.

They say, “Write it out, Make it plain.” That’s exactly what I have planned for this year. I always have so many awesome ideas that I never act on. This year, I plan to focus on one thing at a time. When having a “husbae”, kids, a full-time job, and a full-time business, things can definitely become overwhelming to say the least. I find that writing everything down helps. YES I AM A PENCIL AND PAPER KINDA GIRL! It seems more real for me. However, if you want to give it a shot, write it, type it, record it or whatever else you do. Lets just be sure to get it written down. Make it plain as day!

As I sat and pondered over the last year, I realized it has definitely been one of the most interesting years to date! I found myself cracking a shell that I no longer wanted to be inside of and setting myself free. Each month, I was able to identify something to work on. I am definitely more vocal than I’ve ever been. I now take my own feelings into consideration and to the level as I’ve done for others in the past. I was the person who suffered in silence because my the wound of my own hurt was more bearable than hurting someone else. I learned the hard way that being honest about my feelings was and will always be more important than the hurt of someone else. Ooooo that sounds selfish as hell, but it's real as hell too! It is what it is. I mean, how can one be mentally stable while battling their own feelings? I pray that we all take steps to better ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually (if that’s you).

As Day 1 of 365 comes and will soon go, I want to leave you with some affirmations and manifestations I wrote to bring in the new year.

1. I am receiving all good and positive things over my life.

2. I know this is the year of ME.

3. I love those around me the way God loves me.

4. I continue to exude the love of God.

5.I accept all changes AND challenges.

6. I am forever grateful.

7. I live intentionally.

8. I am beautifully and wonderfully made.

9. I am EXTREMELY successful.


Cheers to the amazing things happening to us all this year! To start off this amazing year, I want to introduce the first of many things Shavon Antoinette. So many of us are entrepreneurs, bosses on our 9-5s, and stellar in our communities. Let me say, THERE’S MORE ROOM AT THE TABLE SIS!!!! Join us. Just because you have the same idea as someone else doesn’t mean anything. YOU make the difference! Now go be great!!! These shirts will be on the website soon. Stay tuned…

-"There's more room at the table sis!"

Until next time, Peace and Love :)

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