Christmas With The Sawyer's | Favorite Holiday Traditions

Christmas is around the corner….no, like literally around the corner. I’m not even sure how it came around so fast AGAIN!!! Our kids are extremely excited and add new things to their Christmas lists daily. My husband and I are both telling the same story, “I don’t want anything for Christmas this year.” :) And yet, every year we get exactly what we want/need. It seems like every year, with only 2 kids, we have about 6 teachers to buy gifts for. Either it is gifts for teachers, coaches, or other teachers they just love. And let’s not forget all of the Christmas parties, gift exchanges, and games to be played. I swear money is flying out the door left and right. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s just part of our Christmas traditions. I love to see so much cheer on our kids' faces. Here are some of our favorite traditions.

1. DECORATING: One thing we love to do around Christmas is decorating of course. The Kids absolutely love putting up the Christmas tree. Most of the ornaments are hung from the middle of the tree down to the bottom, usually all close together. My husband and I usually go back after they are done and spread them out. And we can’t forget the candy canes. We start out with plenty, but they are mostly eaten by Christmas Day. This year we were tasked at getting a new tree topper. We found a really nice gold star that we all liked, but it didn’t like our tree. Olivia then picked out a really nice bow that goes perfectly. One of these days we may get a real tree. Do you like artificial trees or real ones?

2. ELF ON THE SHELF: If you have kids, little cousins, or even nieces and nephews, then you know all about ELF ON THE SHELF. Our little Christmas helper’s name is Christian. I’m not sure where they got the name from, but it kinda goes great, right?! If you haven’t heard of Elf on The Shelf, you can find it HERE. This is our second year playing the game and the kids love it! The excitement on their faces when they see that he has moved or made a mess is a sight to see. And because we are parents, sometimes we forget to move him and the kids are really bummed about it. So we try to at least move him 5 out of 7 days. Some of the ideas I’ve seen for the elf have been absolutely and insanely funny!!! I’m always like, man they have a lot of time on their hands!!! If you want to jump in, click HERE to view tons of creative ideas on my Pinterest board (be sure to follow my page).

3. FIRST GIFT/NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS BOX: Another thing we are sure to do for the kids is to make gingerbread houses and let them open their Night Before Christmas Box (NBCB) on Christmas Eve. I always let them choose their gingerbread house for the year. This time we found a cute Mickey Mouse gingerbread house that we can’t wait to put it together. The "NBCB" every year usually contains new pajamas (we love pajamas), new movies to watch that night, popcorn and hot cocoa for Olivia and now juice for Kason who makes sure he lets everyone know HE DOES NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE. :) Check out some fun holiday traditions HERE. Our kids absolutely love this tradition! Speaking of, I don't have their new pajamas yet!!! I have to be sure to get their first gift together! Olivia wants everyone to have matching pajamas this year so I need to get on it.

We know that it is not all about the gifts for Christmas. We enjoy being around family and ensuring we all know the reason for the season! As Christmas rolls around, I want to say an extra prayer for those who may have lost someone this year and those who are missing someone dearly this year. For some, it may get easier, and for others, time remains still. I’m sending tons of hugs your way. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Until next time, Peace and Love :)

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