Don't Allow Guilt To Guilt Trip You!


I honestly had another blog in mind but it will just have to wait. Yesterday’s sermon was honestly too good not to share. We all have a past. Some may be on the great end of the spectrum, others on the opposite end. Some of us have done some things we aren't so proud of, and some of us have had things done to us. I always say the way you deal with things makes the difference. With that being said, the series at church for the next four weeks is titled FEAR LESS. Yesterday’s sermon spoke on guilt and how to overcome guilt.


How many of us have felt guilty and sulked in it? I know I have. And it can be about anything. Relationships, businesses, parenting, etc. And we sulk in these things by reminding ourselves of it or constantly being reminded by others. Once you’ve asked for forgiveness from man, things don’t necessarily go back to the way they were. However, when we ask for God’s forgiveness, we are immediately cleansed of the guilt of our past mistakes. The understanding that Pastor gave was that we ask for forgiveness and God forgives us. Then we are constantly reminded of the mistakes we’ve made and we ask for forgiveness again. That’s not of God. God only needs us to ask for forgiveness once and that's it. When we get the thoughts in our head, that’s the devil reeling us back into the dark place where the guilt lies. Don’t allow him to do that. I know with me, if I were to go down the road of dwelling over past mistakes and guilt, I’d shake it off and think of more positive things. It really does help. Positive thoughts become positive actions!

The sermon also spoke on how we deal with guilt by numbing it, denying it, minimizing it, punishing it, redirecting it, and embodying it. If you do any of this, you’re not dealing with it to overcome it. You’re dealing with it to stay and sit in it. Are you being accepting of and open to the forgiveness you want? “You can never receive anything you’re unwilling to accept.” You can’t receive forgiveness if you’re not willing to accept the forgiveness. Sometimes we feel undeserving of forgiveness. And that makes us fear the thought of forgiveness.

The sermon went on to give ways in which we can win the battle over guilt.

1. Ask for and accept God’s forgiveness.

2. Release the past and embrace your future.

3. Stop trying and start rejoicing in God’s mercy.

I’ve always heard the saying about rearview mirrors being smaller than the windshield. “The reason the windshield is so large and the rearview mirror is so small is because what's happened in your past is not near as important as what's in your future.” Stay the course and don’t let the things you’ve done or the things people have done to you keep you from striving for a better future. It’s bad for your health and it will definitely affect how you treat those around you. If for no other reason, do it for yourself. You deserve it!!

So this week’s lesson….Let go of your past!!! Your future is so much brighter!


Be sure to comment below if you'd like for me to share this week's sermon.

Until Next Time, Peace and Love :)

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