Event Recap: Issa Wrap Inspired Collection and YES! Women on The Rise

So, last week I spoke on friendships and gave three ways you can put yourself out there to make new friends. That blog post was extremely special to me for many reasons. I must highlight again how special and important my friendships are. I have some of the best friends in the world. I mean, this may be my biased opinion but so what?! Honestly, I’m surrounded by some awesome women and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I don't talk to all of them every day. Some of them I may see weekly, others it may be months, but I am still forever grateful for them all. The ones I’ve lost along the way, I wish them well for their seasons have ended. The ones I have yet to meet, I’m so excited to meet you! The main thing to take away from intentional friendships is the support they give. With that being said, I wanted to recap some events I've attended these past two weekends. So let’s jump in.

On Sept 16th, my cousin friend, Yasmin Watts, had a soft launch for her new head wraps, Issa Wrap Inspired Collection.. The event was small and intimate, just as she wanted it. It was full of love and support from those who have known her for years, and those who wanted to take part in such a momentous occasion. Although some of her biggest supporters didn’t make it, I’m sure Yasmin felt the love near and far. Yasmin was inspired through her photography to step into the fashion world and give women bold, inspirational head wraps. She wrote, “Issa Wrap Inspired Collection was birthed as a result of my love and passion for photography as well as my appreciation for fashion. I wanted to combine the two to showcase not only my work through photography, but also highlight the beauty of head wraps. The beauty that is exemplified through the visual of a woman in a head-wrap always leaves me in awe because there is so much culture that radiates through the different styles for everyday wear and fashion. Issa Wrap Inspired Collection is a creative and empowering brand built to serve as an “inspirational” platform for a diverse group of women. Our head wraps are uniquely crafted for EVERYONE. The beauty is that each wrap is inspired by an empowered woman; each wrap tells a signature story through its cut, color, pattern, and stitching. When you wear our product I hope that you are inspired and filled with more confidence to recognize the beauty in yourself and to press through each day despite the adversities of life.” So, If you haven’t already gone to purchase, here’s another shot, Issa Wrap Inspired Collection.

On Sept 22nd, I had the chance to speak on a Roundtable panel with YES! Women on The Rise. This women empowerment movement was created by my good friend from way back, Arlean Timmons. To see the amount of growth her project has gained over the last five years is phenomenal. Sitting on the panel with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes as she introduced me shows how special both this moment and Arlean is to me. And to have my daughter sit and watch me front row was an indescribable feeling. The smiles she gave I'll never forget. She sat there like a proud parent, but I'm the parent right?! :) Arlean states, “It is the mission of YES! to help women establish their professional and/or personal brand and grow their business effectively and efficiently to THRIVE for the 21st Century.” I’m so happy to say that I am one of those women she started this journey for. She didn’t start this to just help herself, she started this to empower women everywhere to go after their dreams. YES! has an annual Empowerment Conference in the month of September. If you have yet to attend one, mark your calendars for late September next year. You can check out past conference recaps, testimonials, and so much more by visiting their website YES! Women on The Rise.

Now let me say this before I go. If you don't have a set of dope friends like me, YOU BETTER GET YOU SOME!!!

Until next time, Peace and Love!! :)

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