Father's Day Recap | Why Father's Matter So Much

Happy Monday!!!

This past weekend was one of the best times I’ve had in a while! It was Father’s Day weekend and we were able to help celebrate a beautiful union in marriage.

Since yesterday was Father's Day, I wanted to highlight how big I make Father’s Day for my husband. It is as big a holiday as Mother’s Day because we BOTH show up for our kids continuously. We BOTH make sure they are loved, celebrated, and have everything they need and most of what they want.

Father's Day

I knew Norris wanted to see Anderson Paak live in concert. Lucky him, there was a concert coming soon. Although the concert was a week before Father's Day, I was able to get tickets and I am SOOOOOOOOO glad the rain held off. Honestly though, I was prepared to get rained on for him to go to this concert. I told him, “Well my hair isn’t done so I’m down for whatever!” Or something like that! 😉 This is one of those natural hair wins for me. I can dance in the rain all I want to. Oh, and the concert was LIT!!! It was something I haven't experienced before, so eclectic and eccentric; we had a great time!!!….OK back to the topic before I get too far off. So back to yesterday (actual Father's Day). We were able to make it to church and little did he know, I submitted our Father's Day video I had made for him into a contest that the church was having. He walked in right as the video started playing, surprised to say the least. He didn't even know why they had his video on the big 3 screens. He was one of 3 fathers that won $200 for the contest!!! Check out the winning video below. Thank you Yasmin Watts and Sarah Corin for putting this together for us!

The kids and I also got him a few other things and we celebrated at Six Flags with his mom, sister, and his nieces. The one gift the kids couldn't wait to give was this dope wallet from PhotoWallet! How cool is this???

I’ll never stop showing my appreciation for the father Norris is. He’s ALWAYS there for our kids, but he’s stepped up for other kids too and for that, we are all grateful!!

As someone who’s not had the best father/daughter relationship, I stress this importance to Norris. Although he gets it on his own, I’ll never allow him to slack on being the best father to our children, especially our daughter. She needs him more than she needs me in life so I definitely salute him for always being there. He’s at her awards day, field days, and whatever else may come up. Although most times, it’s me telling him what’s on his calendar because I put it there, he never complains. As he shouldn’t, because these are the things that parents (yes BOTH PARENTS) have typically signed up for at birth.

Side bar: One of my most favorite songs is Daughters by John Mayer. If you haven’t heard this song, please go listen! (Click here to listen). 💖

Lately, I’ve cried for the parents of children that have to go over and beyond to cover for the absent parent, either mother or father. I saw a post on Facebook of a child waiting for their father FOR HOURS outside because they didn’t want to miss him. It made me so mad and yet, my heart cried for him. We have to be careful when dealing with children. They love the hardest and they are hurt the same. I'm sure the only thing that mattered was that he was able to spend time with his dad. As a father, its your responsibility to show consistency with your kids so they aren't in a bad space mentally when dealing with you. And honestly, you should WANT to show up and be consistent but I digress.

One thing I preach is to always protect your child first. It’s a hard road to travel when deciding whether to tell your child the truth about their parent or whether to just protect them and continue covering for the other parent. Just know, when your child gets older, they’ll be able to see and understand and have their own interpretation of the relationship with you as an absent parent.

And let's not forget these awesome stepdads!!! The ones that don’t see themselves as a step parent because they love these children as their very own!! It takes a whole lot of loving to love a child that’s not your own. Thank you for making it a little easier by stepping in and showing what true unconditional love is.

If you are absent in your child’s life, please STEP UP and be the parent you would want for yourself. It doesn’t take a genius to know that being absent takes a toll on your child in ways you’d never understand. ALWAYS BE CONSISTENT. I know it’s not always easy, especially when dealing with bitter/petty parents. So to those of you in this situation, I’ll say continue trying your best. If you are wanting to spend time with your child and the mother/father isn’t allowing you to, TAKE THEM TO COURT!!! Your child’s life depends on it!

To all the parents out there, OUR CHILDREN NEED US! Let’s continue showing them the way to becoming their best selves.

Let's continue celebrating these dads because most times, they aren't celebrated enough. They aren't appreciated enough. And they don't hear it enough.

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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