Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Hey Y'all!!! I know what you're thinking, it's a Friday!!! Yup and a special one it is to me. So check me out...

One year ago, I did a thing. I did something that I wanted to do. I have absolutely loved writing ever since I can remember. I used to write songs and poems starting in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!! I’ve always been a creative in that aspect. Crazy thing is I tell myself that I’m not creative much more than I’d like to confess. Hard truth there. However, because of my love for writing and journaling, blogging was an easy thing to do. The hardest part was following through on an idea I had. I knew I wanted to start a blog but I couldn’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am one of those people that have tonnnnnnnnnnn of ideas. It becomes difficult when I want to execute the ides because I allow my mind to take over and then it’s like I end up doing nothing. Yet, with the help of my good friends Yasmin (who’s also my cousin) and Edwina, I was able to launch my blog under my brand, Shavon Antoinette.

To be able to look back and see that a year ago I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do and seeing it come to life means the world to me. I wanted to launch in August because, if you don’t know, a lot of my family and friends were born in August, more importantly, my children and my mom/aunt who are twins. This was something I wanted to do with them all in mind, my husband too although he’s not an August baby lol. A tribute to them all because they’ve all played a major part of who I am or where I plan to go in life.

So, cheers to 1 year!!! I pray that everyone is able to look back and see how far they’ve come. I know I’m not who I used to be. I’m not where I used to be. So as I look back only to see how far I’ve come, I look forward because I know there is so much more in store.

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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