How Are You Coping?

Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I woke up blessed this morning and guess what, you did too! If you’re reading this, then you are just as blessed as me because we both woke up this morning.

Last week I shared my blog titled “What About Your Friends” because having meaningful friendships is extremely important. If you haven’t read that one, stop and click here. These past few weeks have been trying for myself and a lot of my family and friends. Whether it be their businesses, their careers, their families, and/or their relationships. There’s good and bad related to this. I’ll start with the bad. The bad thing is, we all may feel as if the walls are closing in and that we just don’t know how we’ll make it or get THROUGH what we’re going through. The good thing is first, God got us, but furthermore, we have family and friends that are there to carry us through.

Life can be hard sometimes. I know there is never enough time in the day to finish everything and most times I get tired just from thinking of everything that needs to be done. You know what that means...most times it ends up that nothing is done. On top of all that, we are still mothers, wives, friends, family, and employees. WHEN DO WE HAVE TIME???

When I’m overwhelmed with life, I like to pick a plan from the BIble app and get to reading. I for sure know everything won’t change overnight. This is me allowing myself to vulnerable enough to know that I need help. I also take offers on going out for dinner with friends (I’ll almost always say yes!). I call in some reinforcement. I call my cleaning lady to help clean. I don’t know what it is, but she gets done more things in a few hours than I can get done in a week's time. I’m not scared to call on her! LOL...And as hard as it may be, I’ll ask someone to pray for me. I say it’s hard because I don’t like to ask for much, not even something as simple as a prayer. This is something I’ve worked hard for over the years. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten A LOT better. 😉

When I am battling things, I like to look back over my life and see how far I’ve come. Honestly, it brings one of the biggest smiles to my face. If you know me, then I’m sure you’re smiling for me too. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it. So I challenge you to just think of where you’ve come from an see how much you’ve grown over the years. When there were times you KNEW you weren’t going to make it and YOU DID!!! When there were times you wanted to give up and you didn’t!!! Or maybe you did. Maybe you got knocked all the way down. The greatest thing is to know that you always prevailed. You always got up to fight once again. Never forget because in those times, you had more strength than you could have ever imagined, and you still do.

I don’t mind being the person that everyone reaches out to in despair because I know that God made me just for that reason. I’m the listener, the counselor, the shoulder to cry on, and whatever else you may need. I give my opinions openly and honestly. It means a lot when people call on me; it’s my purpose. (I just gotta figure out how I’m going to make money from it lol)

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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