How to Manage Being a BOSS MOM (And Keep Your Cool)

In a life that has no pause button, how do you stay encouraged? From the time my feet hit the floor in the morning, I’m literally running. Rushing the kids to school, and me to work. Rushing off of work to get the kids home, fed, bathed and in bed. All to just do it again the next day. My husband and I tag team most days, but still, there are never enough hours in a day to do everything. When do you find time to work on your craft? When are you building your own empire, while helping others build theirs (i.e. a 9-5)? You have got to put forth an effort to kick your own dreams into action. You’ve got to KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY you have when getting those kids to school, or making sure you are on time for work. You have to give that same 100% you give when ensuring your job is secured. Just imagine where you would be if you took the same amount of effort you put into all those things driving you day to day, into that one thing that is your passion, your purpose. Here’s 4 things you can do to help make time for yourself and your business:.

  1. Get a planner that has enough of what you need it to have. Do you need more space to jot down ideas and appointments? Are you a sales agent or someone with a ton of meetings? Would you like to use more than one to keep everything separate? Whatever it is that you are looking for, make sure it's what you need to keep a perfect balance to life. Happy Planners have always been my go to. However, lately, I’ve come across others that have piqued my interest. Can’t find one you like? I’ve googled planners a time or two and gotten tons of recommendations from there. You may also come across free printable planners that may be more helpful.

  2. Find time to plan out your meals. I find that when I plan out meals for the week, it takes the anxiety of “What are we eating tonight?” out of my busy schedule. If you can, prep on the weekends, and go for meals that are 30 mins or less. On days that I have more time, I may cook something that takes a bit longer. For the most part, I go for 30 mins or less so that I can get homework, baths, and dinner out the way in a decent time for bed.

  3. Once the kids are in bed, focus on the things centered around your hustle. Schedule time to get materials needed, find a quiet place to write. Give yourself 30 mins-1 hour to work on your business. You would be surprised by the amount of work those 30 mins add up to in a week, or after a month. If you keep it to a shorter time, you can get what you need to do out the way, and hopefully get some good rest as well.

  4. The last thing is to utilize your village. Surround yourself with those who you can feed off of and vice versa. We ALL need help here and there. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure your circle accommodates you the way you need. One day you may need to go to a networking event. The next week you may need a grown-up dinner date just to take the stress off. Surround yourself with people who can step in where you need them to be with ease. They are there for you as you are for them.

I don’t think my life will become less busy. In fact, as the kids get older and began to dabble in more extracurricular activities and I get continue to dive into the purpose in which God has given me, our days will seem even busier than now. I won’t complain because I want to continue to strive for what I want in life and continue to push my kids to their full potential. What I will do is learn to manage what I can, ask for help when I need it, and learn to take a step back when it’s just too much. Whatever you do, stay the course.

Until next time, Peace and Love :)

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