Just Breathe

Happy Monday!!!

*Gentle reminder to take a deep Breath*

Now. Ever go on a week vacation and have to return to work on Monday? It’s not all fun and games for sure! LOL...Nevertheless, I made it.

Before I delve into our vacation, I want to express how I was able to disconnect (for the most part) from working and social media and “JUST BREATHE”. Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to take a break and honestly, all the signs have been there. Confirmations have been hitting me left and right and I’m beginning to listen. Chiiiiiiile, it ain't nothing like listening to the universe! In doing so, I’m sure my future social media time while decrease drastically. When I told myself this, myself said, “But you’ll miss out on so much!” And I said, “Self, you’ll miss out on other people lives and become one with your own!” Anybody else wave a hand and yell “HELLO”? No? Just me? That's ok too! :)

So the feeling started about 2 weeks ago and as I’ve said, confirmations have been there. I was talking to a friend about it one day and she was somewhat in the same space and understood my feelings. As we were talking, we were also listening to a mini-webinar and they were covering the same thing. We both said WE WERE JUST TALKING ABOUT THAT! How ironic?!

With all of these confirmations, I’ve been taking the time to JUST BREATHE. And our family vacation couldn’t have come at a better time. I didn’t feel hurried the entire trip, what I feel most days. Usually, I’m hurrying to get up and out the door for work, hurrying off to get the kids, hurrying to cook dinner, have them eat then shower and in the bed. I’m just always in a hurry it seems. Being able to sleep late and not rush out of bed each morning was much needed. We were all able to be lazy, eat when we wanted, sleep when we wanted, and enjoy some much needed time of doing nothing! It was marvelous and I appreciated it more than I ever have before.

Our family vacation usually consists of us visiting Orlando (and/or surrounding areas) one week out of the summer. We usually go to one of the many parks there one of the days and have relaxing pool days for the rest of the trip. This year we visited Universal Studios and it was a great time. However, I will say, if you suffer from motion sickness, think twice!! Most of the rides were simulated 3D/4D rides and although I rode them all except one, I was about done! SOMEBODY SHOULD’VE TOLD ME!!! I don’t ever have to ride a 3D ride again!! LOL...Besides that, we had a great time. I’m used to being rained out every year and this time it only rained maybe one hour while we were there. Luckily we were waiting to ride the Jimmy Fallon ride which was scheduled for an hour. My favorite memory was walking up to the Minion’s ride and getting asked who were the three girls in the movie. Of course, we didn’t know their names, but thanks to good ole GOOGLE, we were able to answer the question. Since we answered, all 14 of us were taken to the front of the line. This was one of the rides with the longest wait times. We were also given an express pass for one ride, which we used for the Transformer ride. That ride had the longest wait time of 120+mins! Thank goodness we walked up to the minion's ride when we did. Although I don’t feel we had enough time, we enjoyed everything down to the laser/fireworks show.

All in all, the last week was exactly what I needed. I had time to JUST BREATHE. Our kids are gone for another week, so I’ll be enjoying some much needed time of rest outside of work. My husband and I have our restaurants lined up for the week to try while they are away. While the kids are away, the parents will play! :)

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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