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Happy Monday!!

I wanted to tell you about an experience I had over the weekend. My kids were still gone and my husband was at work. I really wanted to go hike this mountain I had been recently introduced to but, me being me, I didn’t want to go alone (people crazy these days). Eventually, I got the nerve to go. Since my cousin, her boyfriend, and I had gone a few days before, I decided to do as we did that day. I said I would walk up and down twice before leaving. The walk up was amazing. It was so peaceful. Once I made it to the top, I decided to take a few pics, make a few videos, and just let my hair blow in the wind. After a few minutes, I walked down, speaking to those on their way up.

At the bottom, there was an older white lady standing under a tree in the shade. I thought, hmm wonder why she’s not going up. As I got closer, she asked was the mountain difficult to climb. I said no ma'am. I asked if she'd hiked Stone Mountain before and she said yes. I said well, this is nothing like it, much easier. She said well I hiked Stone Mountain when I was much younger. I’m 75 and you’re in your teens. I said I wish I was still in my teens lol! Then she asked was it hot. I told her the breeze at the top makes it worth it. She tells me that her husband, son, daughter in law and grandchildren had gone ahead of her and although her husband had offered to go slow, she declined because she didn’t want to slow them down. As I’m listening to her I’m thinking, well I have to go back up anyway. So I say, well I have to go back up so why don’t you walk up with me. She said oh noooo you don’t have to do that for me. I said well I was going back up anyway and we can go as slow as you need to. She said oh you’re so nice to do this for me. And I’m honestly thinking this is nothing.

So we slowly climbed the mountain talking about everything. She asked if I was married and if we had any kids. I told her yes we have a girl and a boy and told her who was the oldest. She asked if we all read together. I said yes maam we love to read and we would be doing our weekly library visits again this summer. She’s a retired school librarian so it made all the sense that we began talking about books. She lives in Minnesota and was visiting her son’s family. Anyway, we continue climbing as I direct her the whole way up making sure we are walking the easier path. At one point we were even holding hands (she was not gonna fall on my watch!!). She stated how surprised her family would be to see her.

As soon as they recognized her, they immediately started walking over smiling and happy to see her at the top. When they walked over, she gave them the spill LOL! She said this is Shavon and she was so sweet she encouraged me to make this journey. She allowed me to walk slowly and she never seemed to mind. After the introduction to everyone, she asked if she could take a picture with me. :) I took a family photo of them as well and after goodbyes and well wishes, we went our separate ways.

As I walked off, I teared up a little because she was so grateful and it was nothing for me to, *whispers*, be nice!!! There’s so much hatred in the world these days. That alone made me appreciate that walk up the mountain. It takes much more effort and energy to be mean and hateful in the world than being nice and lending a hand to those in need.

When God Does Not Move the Mountain, He Gives You Strength to Climb.

As we go through the week, I want you to realize that there are people out there who may hate and dislike you for whatever reason. There are situations that seem to have gotten the best of you. Think of that as the mountain. From the bottom looking up, it looks like you won’t make it. You began making excuses and soon you're believing that you can't make it. However, there are people around you, your friends, your tribe, that are there at the bottom of that mountain looking up with you. All you need is a little encouragement and you can climb that mountain with them along the way.

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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