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Who doesn’t love a good podcast? I live for Podcasts nowadays because listening to them gives me something to do during that 40min-1hr ride to and from work. Living in ATLANTA, you pretty much have a chance to listen to a podcast every time you get in the car because you’re guaranteed to be driving at least 20 mins to anywhere! If I’m not listening to podcasts, I like to put on a good gospel mix on Tidal or just ride in silence. Riding in silence is my go-to for the ride to work because every morning my kids call me on their ride to school (my husband usually takes them to school :D). So to prevent the interruptions that are sure to come during my commute to work, I tend to go with silence or gospel music.

To prepare for my commute home (yes I prepare for the 45-50 min drive LOL), I usually get my podcast going before I even take the car out of the park. I have the go-to podcasts that keep me laughing and entertained during the ride home. Some of my favorites are The Casey Crew, SongVersation by India Arie, Oprah’s Master Class, Super Soul Conversations, She’s a Creative, The Nicole Walters Podcast, Fck Work But Ima Go, and there are a few others that are on my list of go-to podcasts!

For business, I love listening to She’s a Creative (Kay H.), The Nicole Walters Podcast, The Raymond in Your Ear Podcast and a few others. These are my go-to podcasts to get inspiration for business and entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint. Sometimes you need some positive words to help you get back on track after you’ve fallen off or when you just have some things that have proven to be difficult. My thing is to never give up. I don’t care how many times I have to take a break, I will never give up on me.

For my soul searching, inspirational days, I like to listen to both of Oprah’s podcasts Master Class and Super Soul Conversations, SongVersation by India Arie, T.D. Jakes Podcast, Therapy for Black Girls, and a few others. I go to these for that soulful inspiration. Sometimes I just need a mental push and these definitely prove to be some great inspiration for those times of need. I’ve been listening to Therapy for Black Girls ever since I started going to therapy a few years ago. If you haven’t gone to at least 1 therapy session, do yourself the favor. You won't regret it at all! And you know Auntie Oprah always has some good interviews on her podcasts! I enjoy getting to know the interviewees and their overcoming of obstacles. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE INDIA ARIE! I have always loved her since I was in high school for sure. She’s always a positive vibe so I enjoy listening to her talk about how she created her songs.

Now, for entertainment purposes, some of my go-to podcasts include The Casey Crew (DJ Envy and his wife, Gia Casey), Jesus & Jollof (Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji), Fck Work But Ima Go (Natasha and Jenna), Lemon Pepper Wet, and a few others. These definitely give me a laugh when I need it. DJ Envy and Gia have this hilariously open relationship and I am always dying laughing at his sex-related comments. He never misses a chance to throw a comment in and Gia is always like REALLY??! Luvvie and Yvonne’s podcast has some inspiration mixed with their hilarity. Their accents and their stories keep me laughing. They are definitely mood enhancers! And let’s not forget the hilarious topics on a podcast named Fck Work But Ima Go!!! The topics are hilarious!!! Lemon Pepper Wet is another one I like to listen to! I can always find out something new bout Atlanta listening to them. These entertainment podcasts are usually the podcasts I go for during my commute home.

As I said, there are a few others I like to listen to! Podcasts have become a lot more popular these days and I am here for it. I can literally be in ANY mood and find a podcast that feeds into that mood. Who knows, I may try my hands at it one of these days! What are some of your favorite go-to podcasts? Here’s a list of the ones mentioned and a few others:


She’s a Creative (Kay H.)

The Nicole Walters Podcast

The Raymond in Your Ear Podcast


Oprah’s Master Class and Super Soul Conversations

SongVersation by India Arie

T.D. Jakes Podcast

Therapy for Black Girls

Blessed + Bossed Up

Havilah Cunningham


The Casey Crew (DJ Envy and his wife, Gia Casey)

Jesus & Jollof (Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji)

Fck Work But Ima Go (Natasha and Jenna)

Lemon Pepper Wet (Bethany and Christina)

The Brilliant Idiots (Charlamange the God and Andrew Schulz)

The Joe Budden Podcast

Comment your favorites below!!!

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