#PREBLESSED | Hello New School Year!!!

Happy #PREBLESSED Monday!!!

You’re probably surprised to be getting this blog earlier than usual but I was so excited to show off my kiddos off for their first day back to school. YES I’M THAT PARENT!!! 😁 I took tons of pictures so you will see them ALL!!!

They did sooooo good this morning. Well, obviously for Olivia. She walked in, hair swinging, ready to tackle the day….or see her friends, whichever! Kason was the one I worried about the most. This is a new school for him, and like most or some kids, he doesn’t like change at all. In fact, he had told me weeks and even days ago that he would cry. LOL...How did he already know he was going to cry!!! I’m still laughing at that!

Once we got him to his classroom, he only said "I don’t want to be in this class" once!!! THIS WAS A WIN!!! He followed me around hanging on my shirt a little and that's expected. He does it ALL day whenever he’s with me anyway. He even smiled on his picture with his teacher!!! Another WIN!!! And he only tried to follow me out the door once!!! WINNNNN!!!! Once I walked back in and sat him down, he was good. He did ask if I could pick him up early. What do you expect for his first day???? 🤣 All while Olivia walked to class waving to her favorite teachers and friends like Ms America. Because really, she's just waiting to turn up Friday for her birthday!!! #9onthe9th

I know the kids will have a great school year because these are the words we speak over them! I am so happy we were able to make it to church yesterday. My kids love going to children’s church. If they have friends to stay over, best believe they are going to church too. No worries, they always love it. Yesterday they brought the kids in from children’s church to be prayed over. They gave them #PREBLESSED t-shirts letting them know that they are blessed in advance!!! How awesome is that?!?! If you’re ever in the Stockbridge area (waaaaay east), let me know and I’ll tell you where to meet us!

Here are a few pictures from this morning as I promised. 😉

I pray every child near and far has a great school year. They are all #PREBLESSED.

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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