Summer Break is Ending!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

I truly hope you’ve had a great weekend!


We are in the final stages of summer break and honestly, I’m not ready for the structured lifestyle that comes along with back to school just yet! I’m probably as sad as the kids. However, I am ecstatic that they’ll finally be at the same school!!! Can you say, “ONE DROP OFF AND PICK UP?????????” 😊😉 Seriously though, that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to.

In addition to summer break ending and school starting back, this also means it’s birthday time for the Sawyer Kids!!! For the last 4 years, we’ve been blessed with having one party for our kids. They are 4 years,1 week, and 1 day apart. So yes, each year our daughter’s birthday is one day and our son’s birthday is the following week. I’m still not sure how that happened :) but this one party thing has worked out marvelously. Although our daughter is getting older, she’s still open (kinda) to having one party. She has asked about having “girly” parties/sleepovers but she hasn’t pushed it. *whispering* I have gotten by another year! YES!!! I usually take them somewhere of their choice on their actual birthday to celebrate as well. So this year I may allow her to have a small...SMALL...sleepover or “girls day”. I tried to talk them into taking a trip this year but they opted for a party...AGAIN!! I’ll try again next year. I’ll talk more on their birthdays as they get closer.

I plan on doing a few more things with them before school starts. Maybe bowling, Six Flags, White Waters, etc. Some little things around the Atlanta area. We’re going to end this summer with a bang!! It’s so much we haven’t done around Atlanta. So there is always something new to get into. Before we know it (literally in a week) school will be here.

This week, I’ll start implementing their school bedtime schedule. It was a fail last night 😆 but we got home later than I expected and they wanted to play. We also had to finish watching Stranger Things! (Have you watched it???) I’ll try again today and for the rest of the week.

I plan on implementing an hourly schedule for us so that we can stay on track and get to bed on time. While at church one day, the pastor talked about how this type of schedule helped his family. He said if you break it down by the hour, you’ll have an easier time getting everything done and kids in bed on time. I mean getting kids to bed on time is a win all in itself!!! I know not every day will be the same, but I plan on using this idea, along with a weekly meal planner to kick-start this new school year off!!!

How are you planning for the upcoming school year?

Shavon Antoinette is wishing all the kids a wonderful back to school and a successful year!!!

PS If you want your daughter to begin their school year with a “There’s More Room” shirt, let me know. This is an awesome way for them to visualize black women working together and knowing there’s always room for them in any field and to always DREAM BIG!!!

"There's More Room" T-shirts come in any size youth-adult.

Until Next Time, Peace and Love 😊

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