Super Bowl LIII | Celebrating My Husband's Birthday

My husband’s birthday was Saturday and I’ve been so wrapped up in making sure he’s celebrated! We have this thing where we try to unintentionally outdo each other on gifts! lol...I don't think we ever outdo each other but I do KNOW that either way, we feel loved and gifts are a plus! It’s a;ways a struggle for our birthdays because they come right after Christmas. I swear We went from Dec. 25th to Jan 31st in the blink of an eye! It had me stressing like WHAT AM I GOING TO DO FOR HIS BIRTHDAY???? Super Bowl LIII made it no better. I was not dishing out hundreds of dollars to hang out in the clubs that cost less than $50 on a good day, any other day! lol...That’s just me though.

This year we spent A LOT of time together as a family and it was tons of fun. Friday we braved the cold to try and get a seat at First Take. We were about an hour in line too late! :( We were out there about 8:30 am and stood in line until about 10:00 am (maybe a little before). We were leaving and realized they were giving out “something” and he didn’t want to brave the crowd. I said we stood out here in this cold this long, you’re getting something TODAY!!! I’m sure that was the momma coming out of me. I wiggled my little short self through those tall people and got us First Take towels. The reenactment of this is so much funnier! It takes him to show you how I disappeared through those people. :) We were able t see the huge Vince Lambardi trophy in the Centennial Park area where the Super Bowl Live experiences were happening. I wish we had made it to some of the free concerts they had all week.

On Saturday, we were supposed to have brunch but I realized the place I wanted to take him didn’t open until 11:00 am and that would be cutting to close for us to get back downtown since it was way out of the way. I do plan on us all going one day soon so I’ll have to pass on giving up the name just yet. Since we opted out for brunch we grabbed our ole’ faithful Chick Fil A and headed downtown. We were trying to decide between riding Marta and just parking downtown. Since we had time, we decided to chance parking downtown, and I’m glad we did. Parking was only $20 which was actually cheaper for the 4 of us by the time we paid for breeze cards and Marta fares both ways. We were able to hang out at Centennial again and take pictures. My daughter brought along her Polaroid camera to get some keepsakes for herself. (I still don’t know how to get the lighting right on the pictures. SMH) It was a ton of people downtown but the energy was amazing! The kids got to run around a bit before going to Super Bowl Experience. Let me just say, there was so much to do in there that we missed a whole side and didn’t realize it until we were leaving!!! We were able to participate in some of the games. My daughter challenged me to one of the obstacle courses. I was winning but slowed up because I felt my head wrap shaking a bit much and I didn’t want that disaster!! LOL...That plus they shoved this huge boulder in front of me right when I was about to race for the finish line!! No, I’m not a sore loser but YES I was about to win. I let her have that. My husband recorded it but didn’t save it because my son was crying that I had left him. One thing I didn’t remember was my son’s nap time. He had no nap the entire day and we woke up early to surprise my husband with balloons cards and cupcakes. If you have a kid, then you know what it’s like to have a child miss their nap. TRAGIC!! LOL...He did as well as he could under those circumstances. He was whining about this and that because everything is just an issue with no nap, and my daughter kept saying she was hungry. We were there downtown from 11:30 am and didn’t leave until around 7:00 pm. Leaving was a beast but the energy was still amazing! If my kids weren’t with me, I for sure would have stayed. Leaving there we met back up with family to eat at Grindhouse Killer Burgers. If you haven’t been, you should definitely go. The burgers were really good and the sweet potato fries were bomb (don’t forget to dip them in Sriracha and Mayo...thank me later).

We ended our weekend with our usual 9:00 am church service and getting our house together for our Super Bowl get together! We had all the football menu essentials, wings in 3 flavors, meatballs, seafood cheese dip, pasta salad, baked beans, grilled hot dogs, etc. Shout out to my cousin for cooking everything!! I don’t know if I could have pulled it off alone. My husband’s cake was from Oven Treatz and he loved it! So glad I was able to get a cake order in because it was last minute (a week out) too!

The weekend was loooooong and I was tiiiiiiiiiiiied but I’d do it all over again. It always a great time celebrating family. Now we can skip the rest of the Aquarius season because I’m up next. Pisces season!!!! Yall have a great week!!

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