Take Me Back to MySpace!!

Hey Y'all! I pray that everyone has had a great start to their new year! I started the year saying I wanted to delete social media! I don't know exactly why, but I had this strong urge to get off. It’s all evolving so fast and it’s either you get with it or get left behind. My cousin and I were texting and I said can we just go back to the MySpace days when the only worry was picking a song for our page and she added choosing your top friends! LOL...Those were the days for sure. It was just becoming too much for me. And to top it off, my brother died. You know how crazily people act on social media when someone dies. I WANTED OUT BAD!! I’m that person who has the strangest reaction to death and I don’t particularly like the “are you ok” or “how are you doing” questions. I can’t run away from them fast enough. If I say I’m fine, then I’m fine. If you know me, then you know I appreciate you reaching out nonetheless.

With everything going on, I decided to limit social media. Thanks to iPhone's new feature “Screen Time” and my limit of no social media from 9:00am-4:00pm (I may get on a time or two), I’ve managed to cut my time on my phone down by at least 25%. I know I can't ax social media altogether in this day and age, so this is my way of cutting down. Since I’ve set my screen time from 10:00pm-7:00am, I’m not on my phone before bed (usually) and first thing in the morning. Instead of scrolling through social media, I’ve opted for reading a bible plan through the YouVersion Bible app. I’m usually done reading the devotional and scriptures in less time than I would usually spend on social media. And what better way to start my mornings than in the word?! :)

Should I ever feel the need to seriously delete social media completely, I will give myself the space and energy to do so. Social media these days is like having a love/hate relationship with someone. You love it because it’s a great way to network, gain customers, and stay connected to friends and loved ones. You hate it because of the negativity it brings, i.e. comparing yourself to others, the senseless yet laughable fights, the way everyone is recording EVERYTHING for the world to see. Sometimes it can just be too much. So if I need a true mental break, I’ll do it because no social media outlet is worth my mental health.

Things are leveling back out for me, but I think I’ll keep my social media limits for a little longer. I love that it has forced me to do other things than scroll and post all day every day. I read the bible more and I am more present each day. That’s extremely important to me now. Seeing my brother laying in his casket gave me a reality check. BE MORE PRESENT IN TODAY BECAUSE TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED. I am learning to be more present, minding my mental health, and continuing to live with intention. So, if you see me posting on something super late, blame the stupid timeline algorithms and my much needed time away. I recommend you take a stab at social media time limits if and whenever you feel the need.

*The MySpace Days* :D

Until Next Time, Peace and Love :)

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