To My Younger Self

Have you ever considered writing a letter to your younger self? We all should do it at least once in our life, whether male or female. So, I was tasked with this a few months ago and I was happy I did it. You see, lately I had been hard on myself and pointing out everything I had done wrong. All the things I didn’t get right the first time. All the changes I should’ve made. However, when I wrote the letter, I was able to analyze how much I had actually gotten right. I realized how many obstacles I’ve survived and how many things I’ve accomplished. One thing I could’ve learned at a younger age, was love myself more. So although this is extremely difficult for me (I’m secretive yall lol), I’m sharing mine for transparency. I’ll probably end up writing a few more to myself because I think I have something different to say at different ages. Here’s the letter I wrote and few others my friends have shared.

Dear younger ME,

You will be everything from your wildest dreams so never give up. You are your worst critic, but you don’t have to be. Love yourself unconditionally so that you won’t rely on others to show you. Once you realize self-love, self-worth comes naturally. You’ve gone through a lot in life, but that doesn’t define who you are. It’s ok to admit you have relationship deficits. That was a learned behavior so you can change that now. Go to therapy because it will help in the long run. And no, you’re not crazy for going, so get that out of your head. You’re capable of everything you think so go for it all. You deserve everything good in life! Others cannot validate your worthiness, only you can. Do things that make you happy. Figure out your likes and dislikes. Ensure that your needs are always met. Always remember to replenish your cup when looking after and taking care of others. You can’t operate on an empty cup sis. Become comfortable being your own company. Live outside your limits of comfort. Experience what life has to offer. DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR. Fear immobilizes your growth. It makes you complacent and comfortable and I don’t want you to become stagnant. Nothing in life will come easily without repercussions so take all the risks!! Failure is only an issue based on your perspective of life. Mistakes are part of your journey. Learn from them and push forward. Learn how to love. It’s ok to admit you don’t know how. You weren’t taught and that’s ok. It’s never too late to start. You’d rather learn now than hurt those around you trying to figure it out. Let’s focus on your dreams and not forget about finances. Being financially stable is very important. Get those ducks in a row now! You’ll be so glad you did. I know you’ve done things on your own, but every now and then, its ok to solicit help from those around you. TRIBES ARE DOPE!! You do not have to repeat learned cycles and behaviors. Choose to be the difference you want to see. Be mindful of those around you. Hold tight to the ones that pour into you and let go of those that drain you. Remember God will never give you more than you are able to carry on your own. Remind your children of these very things. Maybe their letters will be different, in all good ways! Lastly, I want to leave you with a quote: “Believe everything in life has been rigged in your favor.”-anonymous…

Love Always

Dear younger self,

First off I want to say that I love you! In case you haven’t heard it today. With that being said I want you to know that self-love is very important. See I know you have a lot of love for others it’s just who you are but until you learn to love & better yourself the cycle can’t be complete. I also want you to know that energy is real! Make sure you strive to put out as much positive energy as possible. It can change lives as you walk on your path. Growth is uncomfortable but necessary. All the things you aspire to be can’t happen without it. Also baby boy health is wealth! Let’s start practicing it now. It’s a process so just stay the course. Make sure you’ve soaked up as much game as you can thus far. Filter out what’s needed and discard the rest. Let’s find multiple legal streams of revenue. Trust me it’s out there. Knowledge is key so let’s read more. You can change the globe. Your future children are beautiful. Make sure you create an environment that shows them the sky is not the limit it’s just the view. Nurture them & cultivate limitless possibilities. Stay 10 toes down & keep your head on a swivel. Never lose sight of your dreams they can become reality. Be a beacon of light for others & love unconditionally. Until next time baby boy stay up!

Dear Youngest ….

Girl, there is nothing in this world that can hold you back! Keep pushing forward. I see that your stubborn ways have placed you in some situations that were meant to break you, but girl let me tell you about the God we serve. He is forgiving and merciful, even when we don’t deserve his grace. Please remember young one, that you are not a product of your environment and the learning experiences you will continue to encounter will shape you into the woman God has called you to be. Continue to live life fearlessly, and honestly I am okay with you making those less favorable decisions because they will teach you some tough life lessons that build character. There are no regrets on your timeline dear. I know you have always had to “see for yourself” so boldly walk this cold world with your warm heart my dear. Your energy will forever be contagious and your soul pure. Keep managing those finances, hustling, and loving passionately. Time will catch up with you and you’ll know when to slow down. Focus on making memories and forgive easily. All that you are is conditioning you for who you will be as the years approach you. Live gracefully, stay humble, embrace your worth and make time for all the things that liberate your soul!

Younger You,

Hello young man. As I sit here writing I have been blessed to be taught quite a few things by quite a lot of people over the years. The one thing they could never teach me was experience. Believe me, every experience one has, should make one better. And this is why I’m here! To get your mind thinking very critically as you progress.

Things to remember: 1. The earlier you invest money in stocks and mutual funds, the quicker one gets to $1,000,000. All of your working in high school, graduation monitory gifts, and college refund checks should be saved minimally at a 20% clip. Remember, though it’s in the portfolio now, invest in Apple stock as soon as you get to college.

2. The more one takes care of those credit cards in college and student loans, the higher your credit score will be. That 750+ credit score will help you buy property (to live or rent out) and have a lower car note.

3. Work on a Ph. D while working instead of stopping at your master’s degree. You did get that graduate degree at 25 and at 30 you’d definitely have the Ph. D.

4. Start earlier with spreading black consciousness! Though love for your people has always been in your heart just start earlier. Start earlier with spreading love for black women! They are the greatest demographic to ever walk this Earth.

5. Get certified or licensed in something at age 16 or 18 and start a business.

6. Continue to love God. Understand the importance of tithes and offering and working in the church. Remember He will always show you the right door to walk through if you humble yourself and give it all to Him.

7. Your parents and your siblings will be the ones who keep you afloat here on Earth when you need help.

All of these components will be a strong of foundation love, happiness, spirituality, and financial freedom. These are things that you won’t understand at first but will pay strong dividends before you know it.

You are strong, wise, and talented and you’re to never forget that.

Be blessed!

Today I encourage each and every one of you to write yourself a letter. It can be a general letter or one for a particular age. This is a way of encouraging ourselves. It gives clarity on your journey and where it all started. Your journey is yours. You don’t have to do things because everyone else is. You don’t have to follow the path of those before you. Always remember you have total control over your life so use it to your advantage!!

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