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Last week I shared a blog about internal transformation (click here to read). This was something I found myself going through unintentionally. However, I'm extremely grateful for the process. I didn’t realize how necessary it was for me to become who I needed to be for me. Life is most definitely a journey and I’m happily cruising through. While on this journey, I’m satisfied with how I’ve been transforming, both mentally and physically. As promised, I will be sharing my progress story with you over the next few weeks. This week will be telling the story behind why I got started, “My Why.”

I swear Coronavirus has turned 2020 into something I would’ve never imagined. I’ve had some good days and some bad days, but as my grandma is quick to say, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Okkkkkk!!! Seriously though, the coronavirus has infected many people in my family and we took a huge loss when my grandfather passed. 💖 There are some days when life is hard but on any and every day, I’m grateful to still be here and be able to spend time with my loved ones.

While corona ended school for my children and working in the office for me abruptly, we were quick to try and figure everything out and not complain. We’ve been home since March 13. While I am thankful I had a job where I could work and be home with my kids, it wasn’t an easy task. Working 8 hour days and trying to assist two kids with their school work every day became extremely exhausting.

My kids are usually some of the best students while at school. They hardly ever get into any trouble while at school and are usually known to be their teacher’s favorites. However, when they are at home, it’s a totally different story. They argue and fight and laugh and play all day every day. I would usually send them outside at some point throughout the day to get a break from it all. Fortunately, I’m sure they needed it just as much as I did. 

This time at home has shown me the strength I have and my ambition for consistency. Being at home, I had high hopes of getting some new things done for my business. Reality set in soon after being home for a few days, and weeks, and I realized that I just couldn’t do much because, honestly, I was exhausted mentally almost every day. Life had become overwhelming with all the changes. We were at home with no end in sight and I was a working mom who had taken on being a teacher with a side of stay at home mom. Whew...that’s all I have to describe what I was going through. I was praying for my own mental strength daily.

During this time, self-care as I knew it was almost nonexistent. This is why I advocate for self-care when it comes to working moms. I myself am a working mom. We can easily get lost in our daily lives if we don’t put forth the effort of tapping into our own mental and physical health. Some days I find that I’ve gotten lost and have to make a conscious effort to center myself once again.

Luckily, I introduced a few new things to my self-care routine. One of those things was meditation. This was one of the hardest things for me because my mind is constantly running and I would imagine it’s going while I’m asleep as well. It’s difficult to allow my mind to rest, to be turned off. I also started my days reading affirmations and bible plans via the Bible app. It encouraged me each day. Lastly, I continued on my fitness journey. I decided not to let my circumstances deter me from my goal of becoming a better me. I continued my 5-6 days a week of working out even when I didn’t want to. This was for me and part of my self-care so I had to continue showing up for myself.

These things became part of my new found self-care regime. I'm extremely proud of how far I’ve come and excited to see where I go from here. If you're new to any of these things, reach out and I'll share some of my apps I use to stay on track.

Coronavirus pressured me into finding new ways to take care of myself, while still taking care of everyone around me. I’ve definitely become more aware of myself, my health, and my overall wellbeing. This was the beginning of a transformation I didn’t know I needed. 😊

Until Next Time,

Peace ✌🏾 and Love ❤

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