Tribute to Ermias Asghedom | Who was Nipsey Hussle aka Neighborhood Nip?

First let me say, Rest Well King Ermias!! You lived life like there was no tomorrow. You did everything you wanted to do every day! You had plans for days ahead but every day that passed, you lived each of them well. You loved everyone and everyone loved you! They loved your spirit and that will forever live on inside those who loved you the most.

My opinion is from one of those people that “didn’t even listen to his music.” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that over the last few weeks. I learned of Nipsey through my husband way back when. I didn’t know his music but I knew of him. My husband thought he was dope so I knew he had to be. I remember he was at South DeKalb Mall sometime recently and my husband was like Nipsey Hussle at the mall. I was like you better go!! Now I wish I had pushed him harder to go because we’ll never get that chance again.

When Nipsey was shot and killed, I was in New Orleans for our kids Spring Break trip. I could not believe it and was pretty sick about it for the last 2 weeks. I was sad for his family, his friends, his fans. I literally looked at the explore page and all of the posts from those around the world EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I would become even sadder knowing that he was no longer here.

Nipsey was way different than most. He was an extreme investor. He invested in his community and those around him. He was a “No man left behind” type of person; I commend him for that! The fact that he invested and spoke out about it and how he’d rather buy real estate than spending his money on more materialistic things was legendary. And still, I’ve read way more good about him than bad. He was known in the neighborhood as someone who loved the kids too. He was known to give away shoes to all of the students at the local elementary school and was interested in renovating the school’s basketball courts and playground. I remember my husband telling me about his smart store, another dope ass collaboration of his. He was the first to have such a store where customers used an app to scan barcodes on the things they purchased to see exclusive content from him. I mean he bought the strip where he used to “hussle!” I smile and ✊ whenever I would watch the video of him talking about it. Someone who used to call the cops on him hustling in the strip had to in return pay him rent!!! Such a boss move! He invested in an organization called Vector90 with a friend, which provided work spaces and training in science and technology. He had several other investments including a Fatburger restaurant, a barbershop, and a seafood restaurant. He was also interested in a healthier lifestyle. He was working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi, a well known homeopathic healer. After Nipsey died, there were many claims that he was targeted because of this very documentary. Nipsey said in an interview, “If they kill me for this documentary, yall better ride.” With him saying this and shedding light on Dr. Sebi and the court cases he won in 1985, people could only assume this why he gunned down. Although we don’t know the truth behind these claims, it shows how real Nipsey was because he wanted the truth out there and people talking about it. He was truly a person who wasn’t just going to talk about what he could do, he was putting all the action behind his words.

He left behind some amazing people whom I pray all find peace. The strength his family has displayed is like no other. I was sick for Lauren but more importantly, his kids. His daughter lost the first man she’s ever loved. His son...lord his son was only two. And as someone who lost a parent at the age of two, I can honestly say the memories aren’t as present as I would hope and wish. I don’t remember my mom and that makes me extremely sad sometimes. I pray for him. He doesn’t even know what has happened and that his life is forever changed. Nipsey’s mom has spoken about his death and how much she’s at peace. There’s a video going around of her speaking and it wasn’t until I saw the video (posted below) that I was more at peace myself. His death really had me torn up and I kept asking myself why??? I realized it was because of how he died and everything and everyone he left behind. But the way his mom spoke almost MADE me say to myself, ok it’s time to get out of these dumps. Her peacefulness was exactly what I needed to see and hear at the time. I can’t imagine losing a child.

Do you know how big you have to be to have your funeral at the Staples Arena?! Do you know the last person who had their funeral there?? THE MICHAEL JACKSON!!! Nipsey’s funeral was at the Staples Arena. I watched every minute of it. It was a beautiful and touching service. There were performers such as Marsha Ambrosius, Anthony Hamilton, Jhene Aiko, and Stevie Wonder! Definitely, some of the greatest to put on a show for the GREAT!! One of his dear friends, Karen Civil, read a letter penned by Our 44th President Barack Obama! He spoke on the character of Nipsey and how grand it was that he continued to invest in his community. How big is that? I mean everything was real big!! Nipsey’s mom spoke and did an ancestral ceremony and she held it together extremely well for someone who had just lost their son, their baby boy. It’s crazy how she said she knew something was going to happen soon, how she and her mother felt it coming. And also how Nipsey had been texting her more often as if he knew something was going to happen too. She spoke on how they had such a strong spiritual connection to each other. While she was speaking all I could think about was what she has to go through as the days go by and the calls and visits cease. When all the family and friends return to their lives, he’s still gone and never coming back. This goes for everyone that was close to him. What does moving forward look like for them? Lauren held it together and showed so much strength at his funeral as well. The beautiful text she shared with the world that was so personal and private showed everyone exactly what Ermias meant to her. She “knew” him better than any of us could ever know him. They were soulmates. His brother Sam spoke as well. He told some stories of Nipsey that made me laugh and some that wowed me. One of the stories was of a 12-year-old Nipsey building a computer from scrap computer parts! Who would’ve thought?! I knew he was extremely intelligent but building computers and Valedictorian??? That blew me away! And at the same time, everything started to make sense. He was a genius living amongst us.

The thought that such a person would leave so soon, in such a way is hard to overcome. He had so much promise and I can only imagine the legacy he would have continued building had he been given more years to live. His dad was quoted saying, “It was like he was sent by God to give some love to bring us together because that’s what his lyrics were saying, always. He’s not shy to tell the truth even though it might not look good….We all have a plan, but God has his own plan. So he had completed what he needed to be doing and he did it early so God probably want to take him early too.” said something similar to “I guess he finished his work on earth early.” He lived a full 33 years. You could definitely tell this by looking at him. He was always smiling, always enjoying life, always uplifting those around him. He took the time to converse with his fans, take pictures, autograph whatever they asked, things a lot of famous people never take the time to do. He was famous but he never let that get to him, and I’m sure those who met him and knew him can appreciate him for that.

Continue to rest peacefully Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom. You lit fires in us like no one else has before. Thank you for that.


Until Next Time, Peace and Love :)

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